Top Ten Sports Injuries

#1 - Muscle Pull

Muscle pull can happen to almost any part of the body where muscles are present (this literally means all external parts). Even if you diligently stretch or do as much warm up and cool down, there comes a time when you might pull a muscle due to fatigue, overuse, or fall. A muscle pull happens when there is a sudden and severe force subjected to the muscles so that the muscle fibers are stretched way beyond the normal capacity. There is not much that can be done about muscle pulls, but you can lessen your chances by staying limber and working your muscles regularly.

#2 - Muscle Spasm

A muscle spasm in the neck may happen for example when a tennis player performs a serve or make an overhead smash, when the neck is pulled over a little too much on one side. This can also happen to cyclists racing handlebars who go on a long ride tilting the neck up to see what's ahead.

#3 - Shoulder Impingement

Once the shoulder joint is stressed continually with the arm, such as in tennis, softball, swimming or weight training, the joint may become loose from the shoulder socket. This causes the long side of the biceps to become impinged, and the tendons in the shoulder become swollen and painful.

#4 - Lower Back Strain

Probably all who engage in sports have experienced strain in the lower back at least once. This usually happens due to an awkward twist, a weight too much to lift or an unpracticed activity. A lower back strain is mostly caused by weak or tense muscles; overloading them causes spasms in the back, causing pain. A nightmare for an Osteopaths!

#5 - Tennis Elbow

As suggested by the term, this injury happens when there is an inflammation of the muscles in the forearm and the tendons in the elbow. This is mostly caused by overuse of muscles in the forearm near the wrist and the pain exhibits itself outside the elbow.

#6 - Runner's Knee

Medically known as chondromalacia, this injury is caused by misalignment of the kneecap in the groove. The kneecap pulls off to one predominant side and rubs on the side causing both the sides and the cartilage to wear out. Sometimes, fluid buildup will cause swelling in the affected knee.

#7 - Shin Splint

These are pains felt in the muscles right in the area of the shin bones. This type of injury is usually caused by running or jumping on very hard surfaces and overuse, usually in people who lack proper sports training or who wear very light shoes

#8 - Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain occurs when the foot bends to the outside and creates a sprain on the ligaments just outside the ankle. This is usually caused when a jogger steps off a curb and twists the ankle, by a simple wrong step or jump, and can vary depending on the extent of the sprain.

#9 - Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles tendon, considered as the largest tendon in the body, is found right at the bank of the ankle. This injury is caused by an inflammation in this tendon usually due to overuse, as in frequent jumping in volleyball or basketball. The most common case is over-pronation of the ankle and the foot, causing the tendon to pull off from the center.

#10 - Arch Pain.

The sole of the foot is covered by an elastic sheet which runs the whole length and holds the foot arch. An inflammation of this pad due to overstretching causes it to become inflamed. This usually happens to sedentary individuals who suddenly increase their physical activity without the necessary preparation. This also usually happens to runners using inappropriate shoes or those who suddenly gain weight. Arch pain is usually felt when they put the weight on the affected foot or pushing to the next stride.

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