Top Ten Pet Names

#1 - Max

Through the years, Max has been one of the most common pet names given most especially for dogs. As mentioned earlier, it is apparent that many pets are destined to be named Max.

#2 - Charlie

If you name your next pet Charlie, he will be among millions who have the same name. Can’t blame you though, Charlie is a fitting name for a vibrant “best friend.”

#3 - Molly

This is one of the most common names for bitches and felines alike, especially those sweet, cutesy ones. It was recognized to be the most popular pet name last year.

#4 - Ben

Ben is one very convenient name for a pet, quite easy to engrave on his pet tag, right?

#5 - Lucy

Lucy is another common female name. This name is quite nice, even for human females!

#6 - Jack

No, your pet does not have to be with Rose aboard the Titanic! If you are not sure of worries, you can always take out pet insurance. Jack, in all its simplicity, is a very common name for male pet dogs and cats.

#7 - Sam

If you name your pet Sam, you are probably not a very creative person, at least with giving names.

#8 - Buster

Look through "dog Buster" in any online search engine and you will be led to thousands and thousands of entries. If you decide to name your dog Buster, you will surely be welcomed well into this growing community.

#9 - Bonnie

Did you know that Bonnie actually means "beautiful"? This can be a pretty good choice for a female dog or cat, but still does not prove to be unique.

#10 - Lady

When you first saw your pet dog, you might have been inspired with Lady in the Lady of the Tramp. Well, there are quite a lot who seem to be.

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