Top Ten Most Haunted Pubs in England

#1 - The Mermaid Inn, East Sussex

The Mermaid InnOften quoted as the most haunted pub in England, the Mermaid Inn has a long and rich history with parts of the building dating back to the 12th century. Guests have reported seeing figures walking through walls, being woken by a man dressed in old-fashioned clothing sitting at the foot of their bed, and even the ghostly figure of a woman rearranging their clothing.

#2 - The Devil's Stone Inn, North Devon

The Devil's Stone InnA 400 year old former fishing pub, the Devil's Stone Inn gets its name from the nearby "Devil's Stone", a huge rock that has mysteriously found its way into the village. The story goes that the stone fell from the Devil's pocket as he fell from Heaven to Hell. The Inn itself has had reports of much paranormal activity such as taps turning themself on and strange noises in the hallways at night.

#3 - Bucket of Blood, Phillack

Bucket Of BloodLegend has it that the Bucket of Blood got its disturbing name many years ago when the landlord went to the on-site well to get a bucket of water but found there to be just blood. Further investigation found there was a badly mutilated body at the bottom of the well. Often visited by criminals and smugglers in the past, the pub now has reports of ghostly figures standing across the road, strange noises and lots of other strange phenomenae.

#4 - The Royal Castle Hotel, Dartmouth

The Royal Castle HotelBuilt in 1639, the Royal Castle Hotel is reportedly haunted by a host of spirits. Guests have claimed seeing ghostly men fighting outside the entrance, and a spectral horse and carriage pulling up outside the hotel in the middle of the night (some believe its appearance is the sign of an impending death).

#5 - The George and Dragon Hotel, West Wycombe

The George and Dragon HotelThe story behind this pub's haunting goes that the notorious "Hellfire Club" would meet up here before going onto to do many a debauched thing. One night the young and clearly naive barmaid agreed to join them, only to turn up dead the next morning. Her ghost is said to walk the halls of the hotel, weeping.

#6 - Grenadier, London

GrenadierOnce the officers' mess for the Duke of Wellington, this pub is reported to be haunted by a spooky guards officer. Well known to the locals, the story behind the haunting goes that the officer was caught cheating at cards, leading to a fight with his fellow players before falling - or being pushed - down the stairs to his death. Strange visions and mysterious occurences have been frequent ever since.

#7 - The Brushmakers Arms, Hampshire

The Brushmakers ArmsThis pub is said to be haunted by a man named Mr Chicket, who was robbed and murdered whilst staying at the building one fateful night a few hundred years ago. Many guests have since said they have seen a shadowy figure roaming the rooms, believed to be the murdered man searching for his money.

#8 - The Crown Hotel, Dorset

The Crown HotelLegend has it that many years ago deformed twins were kept locked away in a room in the hotel. The hotel is now said to be haunted by the sound of children playing, as well as various other ghostly phenomena.

#9 - The Hyde Tavern, Hampshire

The Hyde Tavern, WinchesterSupposedly the oldest pub in the city of Winchester, the pub is said to be haunted by a ghost that pulls the bedding off visitors' beds. The ghost is believed to be that of a woman who died in one of the rooms from cold and hunger centuries ago.

#10 - The Ostrich Inn, Buckinghamshire

The Ostrich InnThe Ostrich Inn was once by the Jarmans, a husband and wife who would murder their guests by dropping them through a trapdoor in a bedroom, plunging them into a vat of boiling liquid and, ultimately, their deaths. There have recently been reports of strange occurences, possibly the ghosts of murdered ghosts trapped within the walls of the pub.

Source - Various, August 2007

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