Top Ten Longest Rivers In The World

#1 - Nile (4,180 miles)

River NileThe longest river in the world, the river Nile, starts at the Tributaries of Lake Victoria, Africa and runs into the Mediterranean Sea.

#2 - Amazon (3,912 miles)

The AmazonThe Amazon river starts in Glacier-fed lakes, Peru and ends in the Atlantic Ocean.

#3 - Mississippi (3,710 miles)

Mississippi RiverThe Mississippi river's source begins at the Source of Red Rock, Montana and ends in the Gulf of Mexico.

#4 - Yangtze (3,602 miles)

Chang Jiang (Yangtze)The Chang Jiang or Yangtze river begins at the Tibetan plateau, China and leads to the China Sea.

#5 - Ob (3,459 miles)

River ObThe river Ob starts at the Altai Mountains, Russia and ends at the Gulf of Ob.

#6 - Huang He (2,900 miles)

Huang He RiverThe Huang He or Yellow river, on of the longest rivers in the world, begins its journey in the Eastern part of the Kunlan Mountains, West China and ends in the Gulf of Chihli.

#7 - Yenisei (2,800 miles)

Yenisei RiverThe Yenisei begind in the Tannu-Ola Mountains, western Tuva, Russia eventually running to the Arctic Ocean.

#8 - Paraná (2,795 miles)

Paraná RiverThe Paraná river in Argentina starts its journey from the Confluence of Paranaiba and Grande rivers and terminates at the Río de la Plata.

#9 - Irtish (2,758 miles)

River IrtishThe Irtish river's source lies in the Altai Mountains, Russia and joins the Ob River over 2,700 miles away.

#10 - Zaire (2,716 miles)

Zaire RiverThe last entry on our list of the top ten longest rivers in the world is the Zaire or Congo river, which starts at the Confluence of Lualab and Luapula rivers, Congo and runs into the Atlantic Ocean.

Source - Information Please, 2007

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