1. Dustin Johnson ($107 M)

Dustin Johnson tops our list as the highest-paid golfer, boasting earnings of $107 million. Known for his powerful drives and calm demeanor on the course, Johnson’s consistent performance has earned him not only titles but also a significant income.

2. Phil Mickelson ($106 M)

Just a million shy of Johnson, Phil Mickelson secures the second spot with earnings of $106 million. A veteran in the sport, Mickelson’s charisma and aggressive playstyle have made him a fan favorite and a top earner in the golf world.

3. Rory McIlroy ($80.8 M)

With $80.8 million in earnings, Rory McIlroy claims the third position. Hailing from Northern Ireland, McIlroy’s dynamic play and multiple major championships have solidified his place among golf’s elite and highest earners.

4. Tiger Woods ($75.1 M)

A name synonymous with golf, Tiger Woods ranks fourth with earnings of $75.1 million. Despite facing challenges both on and off the course, Woods’ legacy and brand endorsements continue to contribute to his impressive income.

5. Cameron Smith ($73 M)

Earning $73 million, Cameron Smith takes the fifth spot. The Australian golfer has been making waves in recent tournaments, and his earnings reflect his rising prominence in the sport.

6. Brooks Koepka ($72 M)

Brooks Koepka, with earnings of $72 million, secures the sixth position. Known for his fierce competitiveness and major championship victories, Koepka’s talent is well-compensated in the golfing world.

7. Bryson DeChambeau ($69 M)

At seventh place is Bryson DeChambeau with $69 million in earnings. DeChambeau, often referred to as “The Scientist” because of his analytical approach to the game, has garnered both attention and income with his unique playstyle.

8. Jon Rahm ($53 M)

Spanish golfer Jon Rahm ranks eighth with earnings of $53 million. As one of the younger players on this list, Rahm’s impressive skills and victories hint at an even brighter future in the sport.

9. Patrick Reed ($52 M)

With $52 million in earnings, Patrick Reed claims the ninth spot. Often a polarizing figure in the golf community, Reed’s undeniable talent and multiple wins ensure his place among the top earners.

10. Jordan Spieth ($47.5 M)

Rounding out the top ten is Jordan Spieth, with earnings of $47.5 million. Once hailed as golf’s next big thing, Spieth’s major wins and marketability continue to earn him a spot among the sport’s financial elite.

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