Top Ten Office Space Websites

#1 - Regus

They have to be #1 of course. Regus has over 950 locations around the globe with a huge presence in the United States and UK. Having started out in Belguim in the 1980s, the company has grown from strength to strength to become the leading provider of Office Space, meeting rooms and virtual office provisions. They currently are the only office company to offer online meeting room bookings.

#2 - Choregus

While not an office space company, the website of Choregus is an important one in the world of serviced office space. Its frequently-updated news items are recorded by the industry and it helps to keep various companies in the industry up-to-date with current affairs.

#3 - Avanta Offices

Created by an ex-Regus employee in 2004, Avanta are fast-becoming a leading light of the UK Office Space scene. With some great pricing structures and office locations increasing almost on a weekly basis, Avanta Offices is leading the way.

#4 - Instant Offices

Instant Offices have been around since 1999 and the current site is now a breeze to use, allowing users to search for offices all over the world. Being a broker, rather than an actual supplier, it has an extremely good bond with the larger office space companies such as Regus and has provided a huge amount of business for them in the past few years.

#5 - Office Broker

One of the largest, the web-eponymous Office Broker also have a great website that is extremely popular with the corporate sector. Founded in 2001 with the aim of being the most pro-active broker on and off-line, it has become, with great support from its website, a leading light of the industry.

#6 -

Despite the AWFUL home page, is an excellent site to browse office space around the United Kingdom. Excellent usability features of the browsing sections of the site, coupled with a mass of offices available, make for a great site to find your new office.

#7 - EasyOffice

Created by Stelios, the world-famous founder of easyJet, easyOffice will surely be a huge success. Offering office space from as little as £10 per week, the first office in Kensington has been in huge demand. The website, as you would expect from Stelios, is simple to use and allows plenty of chances for the upsell!

#8 - MWB Business Exchange

A very smart site, although very London-centric, is perhaps the easiest site to use on the list. Not a broker site, but an actual provider of office space, meeting rooms and virtual offices in its own right. MWB converts many visitors to its site into paying customers with its simplicity.

#9 - Abbey Offices

The Abbey site was created by the excellent team at Red Ant, based in Kent, England. Full of useful, icon-based features, its extremely simple to find your way around. Although Abbey doesnt offer as large a selection as some other sites such as Regus, its products are of very high quality.

#10 - SOS Worldwide

SOS Worldwide, with their serviced office site,, have a great range of office space locations listed on their broker site. A web 2.0 interface makes for a great user experience. The site can suffer from slow-down sometimes, but overall, its a great way to find offices.

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