Top Ten Highest Earning Celebrities 2007

#1 - Oprah Winfrey ($260 million)

Oprah WinfreyWorth an estimated $1.5 billion, Oprah Winfrey has run away with this year's title of the highest earning celebrity of 2007. Oprah's empire already includes a daytime talk show, a satellite radio show, a magazine and a Broadway musical, before this year adding two reality shows for ABC due to be broadcast this Autumn.

#2 - Jerry Bruckheimer ($120 million)

Jerry BruckheimerBest known for his involvement in many mainstream films, Jerry Bruckheimer has produced blockbusters such as Pearl Harbour and the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, the most recent of which has gone on to bank the second-highest opening weekend ever. Jerry Bruckheimer can also take credit for several popular TV series such as Cold Case and the CSI shows.

#3 - Steven Spielberg ($110 million)

Steven SpielbergArguable the most recognised film director in the world, Steven Spielberg earned the majority of his moeny over the last year through producing critical hits such as Clint Eastwood's Letters from Iwo Jima and Flags of our Fathers. He is currently reported to be working on sequels to Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park, ensuring he'll be on this list again next year!

#4 - Tiger Woods ($100 million)

Tiger WoodsThis year Tiger Woods became the first sportsman ever to break the $100 million in earnings in a single year, thanks largely due to re-negotiation of his contract with Nike and a new deal with Gillette. Woods' wife Elin gave birth to the couple's first child, daughter Sam Alexis, this year.

#5 - Johnny Depp ($92 million)

Johnny DeppThe majority of Johnny Depp's earnings this year have come from his Keith Richards-inspired role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the two Pirates of the Caribbean sequels released in the past 12 months. Next up for Depp is the role of the blood-thirsty butcher in a film adaptation of Sweeney Todd.

#6 - Rolling Stones ($88 million)

Rolling StonesFrom a Keith Richards impersonator to Keith Richards himself! Richards and co had the highest grossing tour in America last year with their "Bigger Bang" tour which started in 2005 and has so far taken over $430 million, the highest grossing tour of all time.

#7 - Jay-Z ($83 million)

Jay-ZJay-Z made most of his millions in 2007 through the sale of his clothing label Rocawear to Iconix. The release of his comeback album Kingdom Come certainly helped to boost the rapper's coffers, as do his shares in basketball franchise the New Jersey Nets. All this without even mentioning Beyonce!

#8 - Tom Hanks ($74 million)

Tom HanksDespite some fairly negative reviews, Tom Hanks' most recent role in the film adaptation of The DaVinci Code still helped him earn a share of the $758 million it took at the box-office worldwide. Hanks also runs a TV production company, Playtone, with his wife and rumours have it he may be in talks to reprise his role as Dr Robert Langdon in a DaVinci sequel.

#9 - Madonna ($72 million)

MadonnaMadonna spent most of last year travelling the globe for her Confessions tour, finding time out to stir up the tabloids with her controversial adoption of a baby from Malawi. In March Madonna teamed up with retailer H&M to release her own clothing line M.

#10 - Howard Stern ($70 million)

Howard SternNever one to shy away from controversy over the years, radio DJ Howard Stern ends our list of the top ten highest earning celebrities of 2007. This year saw Stern debuting Howard TV, the uncensored version of his radio show. His contract with Sirius Satellite Radio continues to pay him $100 million annually (less the production costs for the show, which Stern pays for out of his own pocket).

Source - Forbes, June 2007

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