Top Ten Ceramic Tile Ranges

#1 - Carrara

A popular classic gloss marble effect wall tile, designed to replicate a high polished marble finish, available in white or black wall tile, with corresponding rhodes border tiles. In addition, there is currently a popular white carrara floor tile, with a black one to follow soon – a great looking tile, and a great seller.

#2 - Laura Ashley Highgate

A truly classic and luxurious tile, brought to the ceramic tile range by Interior Designers Laura Ashley. The Highgate Range is available in White and a soft cream, and both shadings of wall tile have 3 matching borders, deco – a more contemporary silver design, silver leaf – a classic Laura Ashley style, and the Grace, a mixture of ceramic and glass for this contemporary feel border tile.

#3 - Dartmoor Naturals

A new range, but already popular, natural earthy tones inspired by those found on Dartmoor, close to the factory where these natural, yet contemporary tiles are made. The plain wall tiles, are available in six different colours, all with a satin finish, 3 of the colours are available in a modern rectangular mosaic effect, and all of these tiles can be combined with the beige or grey ranges of natural marble borders, or the glass dot border.

#4 - Buxton

The shades of Grey in the grosvenor wall tile range can be used in many different combinations for your luxury bathroom, each colour has a contemporary ‘squares’ frieze tile, these can be arranged as a horizontal border, or vertically to create a stunning feature panel. The grosvenor range of wall tiles, also has a specifically designed graphite grey floor tile.

#5 - Grosvenor

A satin finish, structured slate like surface, a fabulous ceramic re-creation of a natural stone tile, at a fraction of the cost. The 3 main wall tiles, that are available in white, light beige and dark beige, can be combined with a natural stone border, or sheet mosaic tile, and a terrific match for a floor tile is the stoneface beige.

#6 - White & Cream

Classic white and cream flat gloss tiles, these tiles are available in a number of different sizes to suit most different bathrooms, not only have a gloss finish, but some are available with a soft sheen or satin finish. The reflection ranges in white and cream also accommodate the popular ‘bumpy’ surface finish. To add a feature and a splash of colour, this range of bathroom and kitchen tiles also have a number of bright ceramic border tiles available.

#7 - Wiltshire

A natural stone effect tile, with a marble border to match, to add luxury to your bathroom. The light beige and dark beige wall tiles, with a satin finish and subtle stone pattern, give a warm and homely feel, when combined with the natural stone border strip tiles or mosaic sheets, the natural effect of the Wiltshire range is enhanced dramatically, and there is also a Wiltshire floor tile to complete your room!

#8 - Floor Tiles

Always a favourite, with a fine mix of contemporary and rustic sating floor tiles available, they cater for most types of environment and choice. Mostly ceramic floor tiles, which provide a very cost effective solution, a more durable and often larger floor tile are available in porcelain.

#9 - Vivaldi

Another long serving, classic, marble effect gloss tile, available in 3 colours with complementing borders and insets, a popular tile design. The Neutral wall tile can be used on its own or with a any of the feature or border tiles, or they work well in a room where you require a split in colours, blended together with a purpose made border tile.

#10 - Flower

A fine contemporary design from Wet by Hemingway Design, with the talent of Wayne Hemingway at the helm, such a timeless modern floral tile, with light reflective finishes, a surprise this bathroom tile hasn’t featured higher up the list. Available in natural, white and mink tones they can be used as a stand alone or tile or as a combination.

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